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2018 Family Fun Night Silent Auction Basket Coordinators

Hello LILA Parents!

Family Fun Night plans are underway!  Our event this year is May 18th from 5-8pm at the LILA Main Campus.  One of the favorites of Family Fun Night is the Silent Auction, which will be in the Library again this year.  Each year we ask for parent volunteers to be Basket Coordinators for each classroom (or grade level for Upper school).  We're looking for one parent coordinator per classroom (or grade for Upper School) and you can always ask for help, if you choose.  The goal of the Basket Coordinator is to rally the families in their classroom (grade for Upper School) to help create a 'basket' to donate to the Silent Auction.  It could also be a classroom (or grade for Upper School) art project!

If you are interested, please choose the classroom (or grade for Upper school) you'd like to coordinate for and sign up.  In two weeks I will reach out to all coordinators for the next step, which will be choosing the theme for your basket.  Themes will be chosen from a list of fantastic ideas.  Also, you don't have to use a basket!  Many people incorporate the item that holds all the goodies into their theme.  

After a theme is chosen, Basket Coordinators will be given a letter to send to their class to ask for donations that are related to the theme of the class basket. Some families prefer to make a financial donation and others prefer to buy themed items for the basket.   **Upper School Coordinators will work with Nancy Hawkinson to communicate to parents of their grade level.

I will be here to answer any questions you may have along the way.  Being the Basket Coordinator for your class (or grade for Upper School) is a really fun volunteer opportunity!  Families love seeing what is put together and on display the night of Family Fun Night.    

Thank you again for volunteering your time!  

-Kelly Farrell

PTO Member and FFN Silent Auction Chair

Date: 05/18/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 7:45am - 2:00pm CDT

Location: Drop off Site- Main Campus- Rooms across from the new art studio

Created by:   Kelly Farrell
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Available Slot

Kinder - Chinese - Teng

Kari Maroschek
Ariel Miller

Kinder - Chinese - Fang

Carrie Hageman
Myla Hageman

Kinder - Spanish - Becky

Wendy Young
Senna Young

Kinder - Spanish - Katie

Jenn Capobianco- Daly
Ryland Daly

Kinder - Spanish - Silvia

Julie Silverberg

Kinder - Spanish - Marina

Kristen Cedarbloom

1st Grade - Chinese - Qiu Ying


1st Grade - Chinese - Fang-Wen Yeh


1st Grade - Spanish - Diana

Wendy Young
Breyson Young

1st Grade - Spanish - Hannah

Annabella Pahl

1st Grade - Spanish - Victor

Megan Leach
Megan Leach

1st Grade - Spanish - Monica

Kelly Farrell
Cade Farrell

2nd Grade - Chinese - Jie Ni

Angie Nieland
Beau Nieland

2nd Grade - Chinese - Hsia


2nd Grade - Spanish - Luis V.

Casey Giuliani

2nd Grade - Spanish - Melissa

Barbie Benson
Stella Kentros

2nd Grade - Spanish - Jessie

Sara Sigfrinius
Cooper Severson

2nd rade - Spanish - Goyi

Ruby Montgomery
Sophie Montgomery

3rd Grade - Chinese - Wu

Carrie Magnuson

3rd Grade - Chinese - Nu

Angela Soule
NiHau Nu Laoshi! I'm Savana Soule's mom.

3rd Grade - Spanish - Maria

Heather Winkler
Gage Winkler

3rd Grade - Spanish - Erin

Kim Palmer
Jacob Palmer

3rd Grade - Spanish - Luis M

Rebecca Fahning
Alex Fahning

3rd Grade - Spanish - Kelly

Laura Tucci
Bella Tucci

4th Grade - Chinese - Yangyang


4th Grade - Spanish - Roberto

Kelly Farrell
Connor Farrell

4th Grade - Spanish - Angie

Rebecca Fahning

4th Grade - Spanish - Kelley

Megan Leach
Megan Leach

4th Grade - Spanish - Cesca

Jaime Fraley
Connor Fraley

5th Grade - Chinese - Mengying

Elizabeth Byram

5th Grade - Spanish - Raul


5th Grade - Spanish - Isabel

Landen Roberts

5th Grade - Spanish - Kaari


5th Grade - Spanish - Kristina

Amy Zierhut
Maximus Zierhut

Kinder Prep - Joana (4 yo) Group A


Kinder Prep - Liu Laoshi and Profe Blanca (3 yo)

Wendy Young
Porter Young

Kinder Prep - Yang Laoshi (4 yo) Group B


Upper School - 6th Grade


Upper School - 7th Grade

Rebecca Fahning
Adam Fahning

Upper School - 8th Grade


Upper School - 9th Grade


Upper School - 10th-12th Grade


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