Lakeview 2018 Auction Volunteers

Volunteer for the 2018 Lakeview Auction!

Let's get excited for the 2018 Lakeview Silent Auction! We are looking for teams to help with everything from procurement and donations to assembly, decoration and set up for our event on Friday, June 1st.  

One person per team will need to take on the role as the chairperson. Everyone on your team will need to work together, check in to make sure you're all on the same page. Each team will be required to do their part during different times (Procurement = starting now VS. Set-Up = Day of the event, etc). 

It is going to be a wonderful evening and we are going to make a ton of money for our Lakeview Students! 

Thank you for offering to help!

Malia McCabe / Lead Auction Chair

PTSA Team: Elizabeth Brooks, Kim Biddle & Yashodhra Raje Painumkal


Date: 06/01/2018 (Fri.)

Location: Woodmark Hotel / Kirkland, WA

Created by:   Malia McCabe
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Available Slot

Procurement/Donation Calling Team (5)

Team will contact individuals & businesses for donations. Weill need several people to divide & conquer list of established owners contacting business during normal hours.

3 of 5 slots filled
Malia McCabe
Yashodhra Painumkal
Robin Greene

Donation Pick-Up Team (3)

Team will pick up donations from businesses (i.e. gift cards, business products, etc.) and deliver to the auction storage site for inventory logging. This team will work with donation chair & calling team. All work can be done on your own time.

All slots filled
Deb Subotnik
Do NOT want to be lead. Im a better worker bee.
Megan Gardner
Elaine Sheard

Item Description Write-Up Team (3)

This role is to develop creative and intriguing item descriptions, to be printed in the auction book and displayed with each item lot at the auction table. This team will need to make a donation log of items, either at school or work at their own pace at

2 of 3 slots filled
Tori Kidney
Gemma Aronchick
Can I help here by making the auction booklet after the descriptions are written up?

Basket/Lot Item Assembly Team (5)

Responsible for getting donations from the pick-up team; grouping & assembling baskets. Will need to record basket/item contents for Description Writers & create display cards for the event. Night of event set up needed.

All slots filled
Tori Kidney
Andrea Bach
debbie callahan
Yashodhra Painumkal
Jessie Douglass

Decoration Team (5)

Plans & procures and/or makes any decor; set-up on night of event. Including tables, balloons, wall decor & keeping track of expenses.

2 of 5 slots filled
Yashodhra Painumkal
Malia McCabe

Student Project Team (3)

Responsible for working with each class to create a themed piece of art for each grade. Responsible for determining help/resources if needed. Responsible for organizing/working with parent volunteers on ideas, budget & materials.


Slide-Show Team (2)

Will be responsible for working with school to put together a slide show of photos of Lakeview students on a video screen display to be played and/or displayed throughout the event.

All slots filled
Gurpreet Rawat
Gemma Aronchick
Happy to help here with Gurpreet! :)

Set-Up Team (8)

Night-Of-Event Set-Up. Coordinate with other teams and Woodmark staff to ensure proper set up of materials, all auction items & display in correct sections for silent auction (pens, bid sheets, display boards, etc.) prior to event 3-5pm.

4 of 8 slots filled
Elaine Sheard
Sara Fisher Brazier
Britt Domer
Yashodhra Painumkal

Thank You Note Team (3)

This team will be responsible for writing all the thank you notes to individuals and businesses who donate anything more than $25. Must resource cards & postage; keeping track of all expenses. Nice handwriting is a plus!

2 of 3 slots filled
Wendy Kendall
Christine Heinrich

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