Passover Seder at Holy Cross

Maundy Thursday will be held on March 29 this year, and we will be hosting a Christian Passover Seder that evening (6:00-8:00pm) in the gym. The evening includes the traditional Jewish Seder meal that Jesus celebrated with His disciples in the Upper Room, but we will experience it from a Christian perspective. The Seder IS our Maundy Thursday worship, including Holy Communion.
We will be feeding a full meal for all that attend. Please RSVP so we can plan for food. 

Date: 03/29/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm EDT

Location: Holy Cross Gymnasium

Created by:   Holy Cross Lutheran Church

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YES (73) -  

Howard Schroeder (1 guest)

Cindy Mineo (2 guests)

Michelle Spedding (2 guests)

Gail Reeves (1 guest)

Linda Ellis (2 guests)

Jacqueline Fergot (1 guest)

Scott Boeckman (2 guests)

Jenny Hohnbaum (4 guests)

Alan And Cindy Taber (2 guests)

Jim Boerger (2 guests)

Paulette Carson (1 guest)

Paul Groth (2 guests)

Kimberly Richey (1 guest)
I am volunteering as a server and will not need a seat at the table.

Kimberly Scott (5 guests)

Greg & Kellie Woods (2 guests)

Joy Wilson (2 guests)

Phyllis Hunter (2 guests)

George Zeltner (1 guest)

Scott Jung (5 guests)
Scott, Carrie, Addy, Stacia, Merritt

Rachel Engler (1 guest)

Jason Woodruff (4 guests)

Susan Dale (4 guests)

Marwan and Denisa Hanania (13 guests)

Dean Fiess (2 guests)

Jodee Graham (4 guests)

Julie Heideman (2 guests)

Dotty Martens (1 guest)

Pam Jeffries (1 guest)

Ruth Erickson (2 guests)

Mark Soffietti (5 guests)

Linda Olson (1 guest)

Gary Wilkie (2 guests)
Looking forward to this very special occasion.

Michelle Vandergrift (6 guests)
Dave and Michelle, Cassidy, Gordon, Grace,Max

Cathy Ressinger (1 guest)

Carla Hunter (2 guests)

Bill Broecker (2 guests)

Vicki Hinton (1 guest)

Woody Yarwood (2 guests)

Beth Johnson (2 guests)

Sarah Kelley (4 guests)

Hayden DeFord (3 guests)

Brandon and Rachel Grelle (4 guests)
2 Adults, a 3 year old, and a 1 year old

Beth Houston (1 guest)

Leilani Galbreath (2 guests)

Meredith Lorenzen (2 guests)

Sherri Branaman (7 guests)
Branaman, Mark & Sherri & Jennifer Bunting plus kids 4

tony vendely vendely (2 guests)

Lewis Lundberg (2 guests)

Matt Hubbard (1 guest)

Bart Johnson Johnson (2 guests)

Marya Kopetsky (2 guests)

Kristine Brown (3 guests)

Bob Meister (2 guests)

Linda Pendleton (2 guests)
Linda & Ken will attend

sally zabel (2 guests)

Roger and Jan Tomes (2 guests)

Donna Scott (1 guest)

Stephen Koepper (1 guest)

Bea Beck (1 guest)

Malinda Davidson (4 guests)

Celia Bartel (3 guests)

Steve Walton (4 guests)

Jack Querfeld (2 guests)

Gary Chmielewski (2 guests)

Brenda Reed (4 guests)

Glenn Rauscher (3 guests)

Victor Danielson (5 guests)

Valerie Guzzetta (4 guests)

Jim Handley (2 guests)

Jaquia Stacy (5 guests)
Aaron & Jaquia + 3 kids

Susan Muhl (2 guests)

John Sattler (2 guests)
Pastor Sattler & Meg

Angela Dant (5 guests)