Remove Ads from Sign Ups

Each paid plan includes a set number of No Ads licenses which allows you to remove advertisements from your sign ups. Therefore, if you have 5 No Ads licenses, you have the ability to choose 5 sign ups in your account that will display without advertising. The No Ads licenses can be moved from one sign up to another at any time during your subscription. For example, you could assign a No Ads license to a sign up you create for a potluck - and then after the party is over, you simply move that No Ads license to a new sign up for a new event. A no ads license can be assigned from Step 5: Settings when creating or editing your sign up.  For sign ups you've already created, you can quickly assign no ads licenses from the upper right side of your account page. Locate the circle with your initials or profile pic and then click Billing. Under Active Products, click Assign No Ads.

 The Platinum plan will automatically display all sign ups without ads. 

Posted by SignUpGenius