Create a Payment Sign Up

We've embedded electromagnetic technology into your sign up that is synced with your brain waves, so when you create a sign up... what you envision for payment slots will already be there! Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, NASA recently asked to borrow this technology indefinitely, so for now, you'll need to follow these steps instead...

Create your sign up, following the same steps, you would when creating any sign up with SignUpGenius. When you get to 'Step 4: Slots', add the title for your slot, the # wanted, any additional comments, and assign the slot to the dates/times that apply to that item. Next, click on the box to the right beneath the 'Pay $' heading.

Choose the type of payment - fixed price or no set price, such as a donation. Determine whether the payment will be optional or required and choose whether or not to show the names of those who sign up.  Go through these easy steps again if you want to add multiple payment items on the sign up. When all items have been added to Step 4, complete 'Step 5: Settings' before previewing the sign up. It may not rank up there with mental telepathy between you and your computer, but it's pretty simple. Long live space travel!

Posted by SignUpGenius