Add a Custom Image

Adding a custom image is a piece of cake. Not literal cake, of course – because no one really eats that stuff anymore except at birthdays and weddings. But it shouldn’t be too hard.

When you are creating a sign up, you have the option to add a custom image to your sign up theme. At the end of Step 2: Themes, you can select the option to load your image, photo or logo onto any one of our existing themes.

First, select a theme that has the background colors you would like to use. Try the Colors category for different color combinations. Click "Use my own custom image with the selected theme" to upload your image to our site. Your custom image will be used in place of the stock image in the theme.

We currently allow five uploaded images per account, and any image can be used with multiple sign ups. If you need to use more than five images you can upgrade to one of our paid plans. With our paid plans, you can also create a custom theme and post multiple custom images on a theme. Click here to find out more about creating custom themes.

See? You can have your cake and eat it too!

Posted by SignUpGenius