Valentine's Day Planning Guide

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valentine's day party invite tips

There’s nothing we love more than helping event-organizing geniuses like you. In honor of Valentine’s Day we put together this list of resources and tips to help you plan an oh-so-sweet celebration. 

Plan a Super Sweet Event

Play cupid to your friends, family and kiddos by making the holiday feel special.

  • Our unique party ideas will make your heart skip a beat.
  • A sign up will ensure that all party essentials are signed (up for), sealed and delivered.
  • Class parties are easier with these tips and tricks.
  • Girls’ night, anyone? Invite friends to an evening out to celebrate together.
  • Plan a movie night for your organization in honor of the holiday.

Give a Gift

Love is in the air, so why not express it to those you care about? 

Spread the Love

Reaching out to your community will make this season feel even sweeter than it already is. 

Whatever you do, find some time to relax and enjoy the people you love. That’s really what it’s all about!

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