Author Organizes Encouragement for Writers During National Novel Writing Month

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natalie wright author national novel writing month sign upNovember is a bad time to get writer’s block for millions of would-be-authors around the world. Natalie Wright knows about that struggle firsthand, so she organized a genius way to unclog creative minds during National Novel Writing Month — or NaNoWriMo.

Wright, of Tucson, Arizona, has completed the NaNoWriMo challenge of writing a 50,000-word novel twice and both became published ebooks. (She writes science fiction and fantasy aimed at young adults and adults, including a trilogy called “The Akasha Chronicles.”)

She decided she wanted to share her expertise during NaNoWriMo on her blog, and organized an online sign up on SignUpGenius to recruit writers across the world to share their experiences. She previously used a similar tactic during the month of October to recruit writers to share spooky stories on her blog.

novel by natalie wright author“I wanted to have other writers cheerlead NaNoWriMo writers and give them tips,” she says. “While I have writer friends, I didn’t have enough to fill a whole month."

In addition to the U.S., she got contributions from writers in the United Kingdom, Australia and Netherlands. Authors also contributed giveaways of their own books during November, when the event is held each year. 

“I know when I did (NaNoWriMo), I spent a good portion of my day reading about writing to avoid actual writing — the procrastination technique,” Wright says. “The blank page can be very scary. Sometimes in order to get themselves motivated, writers might go to writer blogs to remind themselves they can do it.” 

Wright had previously used SignUpGenius to sign up for events at her daughter’s school and thought it could be a good recruiting tool.

“I could pretty much create a sign up with any number of days I wanted, and I liked the ability to put a photo with my description,” she says. “It was easy to share and easy to sign up. You’re asking someone to volunteer their time and a product. You don’t want it to be hard for them.” 

Thanks to Natalie for sharing her story and for using SignUpGenius to connect and help people around the world. The effort earns our “genius” stamp of approval! 

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