Study Up: Tips for Your Most Organized Year on Campus

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college student, administrator, professor, assistant, teaching, planning, event organizing, potluck, study group, tutor schedulingWhether you’re a brand-new freshman or a super senior, beginning the college school year can be a whirlwind. Thankfully, with these resources, you’ll have your most organized year ever. 

Plus, if you’re organizing events for college students, check out these SignUpGenius Pro features that can make campus life simpler. 

  • Professors: with Sign Up Tabbing, you can link sign ups, giving students a one-stop destination to sign up for office hours across multiple classes.
  • College administrators: Make sure your department leaders get emails about changes to faculty get-togethers with our multiple email notifications feature — when one person changes a sign up, multiple admins find out.
  • Group leaders: Create a uniform look by sending branded emails with your university’s logo.
  • Volunteer coordinators: Schedule email reminders to go out at a certain time before your event!
  • Event planners: Use the start/stop feature to set specific times for your sign up to open or close. It’s perfect for events with a limited number of tickets or sessions available.

Good luck this school year! We hope we can help you make it a success with SignUpGenius.

Posted by Kayla Rutledge

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