Back-to-School Tips for Busy Parents

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Besides a balanced lunch, organizing your child’s back-to-school season is essential to a healthy start of the school year. Try these tips for a genius kickoff.   

Organize Events and Logistics

Your school year will go much more smoothly if you set up effective processes now — and stick with them. 

  • Save time, money and miles by connecting with other parents to set up a carpool sign up system for school, sports teams and other extracurricular activities. Genius Tip: Use our Calendar Sync feature to get automatic reminders on your personal digital calendar of commitments.
  • Be a superhero in your child’s classroom. Suit up with these tips to be a life-saving classroom parent and help your teacher organize class parties, snacks, mystery readers and more. Genius Tip: Manage a classroom school supply wish list with a sign up.
  • Fuel your child’s sports team or afterschool club by organizing a snack sign up. The last thing you want is a bunch of antsy kids on the sidelines.

Other Useful Resources

Sending your child to the bus stop may never get easy, but preparing for the school year can be with a few simple tips.  

Plan School Events

Be a Genius Organizer

Need some extra organizing firepower this school year? Check out our advanced planning tools

Upgrade Now

Parents have countless responsibilities throughout the fall season. Follow these tips ahead of time, and you’ll breeze through back-to-school season.  

Posted by Kyle Eng

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Posted by Joshua Roth on Thu Mar 8, 2018 7:51 AM EST
I love all the ideas you have mentioned about in this article and will be implementing a few of them! I really have a good read about your post and thanks for sharing, it helped me a lot as a parent.

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Just wanted to let you know what a HUGE time-saver SignUpGenius has been to me in planning numerous classroom parties and school events as well as some personal social gatherings. It's really a great tool, and I so appreciate you making it available for others to use. As in your comments, I'm much to busy to be worried about the silly details of coordinating things like snacks and sign-ups, so using this is freeing me up for more important (&fun!) activities. Thank You!!!!
Julie S. - Garland, TX
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