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Introducing Sign Up Tabbing

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If you’re on an organizing kick this New Year, you’ll LOVE this! Sign Up Tabbing is a new feature that allows you to organize multiple sign ups using a tabbed navigational menu. Think fresh, new filing system to start off the year! 

Now you can:

  • Organize sign ups into groups for easy viewing with tab labels that look just like file folders.
  • View multiple sign ups with one URL.
  • Toggle between sign up tabs to see needs on individual sign ups.
  • Add, delete or edit tabs within a group as your sign up needs change.
  • Break up large sign ups into smaller ones that are easier to navigate. 

Tabbing is best for:
Year long tasks - Churches can schedule Children’s Ministry volunteers for the whole year, but separate sign ups by the month.

Multiple Group Sign Ups - Schools can organize parent teacher conferences for the entire school, but display separate tabs for each teacher’s class. 

Variety of Sign Up Needs - Sports leagues can show all of their volunteer needs, but break up responsibilities into multiple sign ups that can be accessed in one place. 

That's right, the ultimate in organization is now yours when you upgrade to SignUpGenius Pro. Need one more reason to try it? For a limited time, you can get an entire year of SignUpGenius Pro for as little as $99.99.

Posted by Teresa Clark on Thursday, January 29, 2015 1:23 PM EST
Hi L!
We will be happy to help you access your sign up. Please email the support team at: and someone will help you as quickly as possible! Thanks for letting us know that you are having trouble accessing the account.
Posted by Kwesi Neale on Tuesday, February 03, 2015 9:21 AM EST
Looking for volunteer work around Newport news and richmand area.
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