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No-Ads Sign Up Sheets!

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As most of you know, our sign up service is absolutely FREE. We support our business through the advertising on the site. However, we do periodically get asked by various organizations if there is a way to use the service without any advertising.

Now there is!

In November we will be launching a low-cost subscription service that will allow you to pay a monthly fee in exchange for the removal of advertising from your sign up sheets. We know that many of the nonprofit groups and ministries we work with don't have a lot of money, so we've decided to keep the cost low and we will have flexible billing options including recurring billing and discounts for those that pre-pay for multiple months. We will be announcing the exact prices publically when we officially unveil the service.

In order to ensure a smooth roll-out, we will be soft-launching the subscription service to a limited number of users before making the service available to the entire site. If you would like to be one of the first users to try our no-ads sign ups, please contact me personally for details.

Just to be clear - this new subscription service will be completely optional. Our site will remain absolutely free and will work exactly the same as it does now for those that don't mind the advertising!


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