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Update on Site Outage 5/26/11

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On behalf of our staff at SignUpGenius, I ask that you please accept our deepest apologies for any problems you experienced on the website today, 5/26/2011.

Earlier this morning, the datacenter that houses our SignUpGenius servers installed a security patch on a large number of their machines. Unfortunately, the update caused a major problem with an entire cluster of servers that resulted in numerous websites, including ours, experiencing problems or being unavailable for a good portion of the day. We knew of the situation within minutes of it happening and were in close contact with the datacenter the entire time. We were also pursuing alternate recovery possibilities in an effort to minimize downtime. Unfortunately, the fix took longer than anticipated. We work with a top-tier datacenter, so extended down-time like this is a highly unusual scenario and the problem was receiving urgent attention throughout. Because our email server was also down, communication with our users was difficult, but we did our best to keep people posted of the status via our Facebook page. We are happy to report that the site is now back up and running as normal.

We know that users like you place a lot of trust in us when you use our system and we deeply regret letting you down. Please know that reliability is something that we take very seriously. In the six months prior to today, our site registered a 99.8% uptime rating. We simply do not consider downtime acceptable and are continually working to upgrade and expand our architecture to manage our growth and ensure reliable service to our users.

It is our absolute passion to provide a site that saves you frustration and time, not causes it! We are so sorry if that wasn't the case today. If we can help personally to resolve any remaining issues or assist you with what you need to accomplish going forward, please don't hesitate to ask.

Dan Rutledge

Posted by Linda Oaksford on Sunday, June 05, 2011 1:52 PM EDT
I really enjoy this website. It has been a great tool to use to get people to sign up to greet at our church. I do have a question and that is, "How do I change a person's name?" I have a person who does not want to use the original name she signed up with, as she was just trying the website and now would like to be known by her correct name.
We've tried to delete her, but nothing seems to work.
I look forward to your answer.
Thank you,
Posted by Dan Rutledge on Sunday, June 05, 2011 2:40 PM EDT
Hi Linda,

Thanks for the kind words. I will email you the answer to your question so we can discuss further if need be. Feel free to send any support requests through the "help" link at the top right of each page.

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