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New Support for Group Email Aliases

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New build 2.57
A couple small but useful items were recently added to SignUpGenius. The biggest news is that sign up creators now have the ability to work with group email aliases as part of their SignUpGenius email groups. Previously, entering a group alias (like a yahoogroups or googlegroups address that points to numerous people) could cause notification problems -- especially if an individual accidentally signed up for something using that address. We now have safeguards in place to prevent sign ups from a group alias --including the specific ability for a sign up creator to flag an email as a group alias when they enter it. Follow the simple directions when you create your sign up or group and it is now safe to use your group email alias!

Here are a few other new items you might spot:

  • The create a sign up wizards now have an upgraded WYSIWYG editor for the description field that is compatible with the Mac Safari browser
  • An upgraded "My Groups" page now allows you to sort your group for easier identification of a particular user. In addition, this page is now a standard web page instead of a pop-up window... which allows for easier viewing of all the members in your group.
  • An upgraded "Send Email" page now allows sign up creators to view a preview of their bulk email before sending it to their selected group of users.


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