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New Feature: Create Customized Notifications

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 09/16/2016 12:00 AM EDT
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Your event reminders and confirmations just got smarter.  

Our newest feature provides SignUpGenius Pro customers another level of customization for their messages. Pro users can now create personalized reminder and confirmation messages that communicate more information to participants.  

Create custom notifications if:

  • You want to send event volunteers extra information in their reminder emails — such as where to check in or what to bring.
  • You want to ensure all participants receive a confirmation email — great if they need a “proof of sign up.”
  • You want to attach files to your email reminders. Helpful if participants need to bring a waiver or other document along with them.
  • You need to include a phone number or website link where participants can notify someone if they need to cancel an appointment or commitment.

 Learn more about our favorite tools for organizing fall events here. Happy planning! 

Posted by Betsy Lytle on Monday, September 26, 2016 4:33 PM EDT
Hi Anna,
Customized reminders work the same way as the regular basic account reminders. They are sent automatically to those signed up a certain number of days in advance of your event based on the setting in Step 5 under the 'Miscellaneous Preferences.' The reminder will apply to the entire sign up, so it cannot be customized based on individual events on a multiple date sign up without editing the reminder after previous events have ended.
Posted by Betsy Lytle on Monday, September 26, 2016 4:35 PM EDT
Hi Mike,
Yes, the automatic email reminders can be scheduled to be sent a specific number of days in advance. To do that, please go to and login to your account with your email address and password. Click the pencil icon to the right of your sign up to edit your sign up. Go to: 'Step 5: Settings' to view the reminder email setting under the 'Miscellaneous Preferences.' If you make any changes to this area, remember to click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.
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