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NEW WEBISODE: Has This Stressed-Out Mom Reformed?

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Ever wonder what happened to Megan Miller, our favorite frazzled mom who has a knack for causing trouble when she’s trying to organize events?

Check out our latest webisode: a tell-all interview on Dr. Lisa’s talk show with Megan and her husband Paul. You’ll hear how Megan’s Extreme Organizer Stress — or EOS — caused some trouble with other moms and eventually landed her in jail. 


Cut her some slack. Without SignUpGenius, reply-all emails and paper sign ups can be a real nightmare! Watch our first two webisodes to see how Megan landed in hot water to start.  

Webisode 1: Stressed Out Mom Jailed for Not Using SignUpGenius!
Webisode 2: Soccer Mom Jailed Again for Snack Sign Up Snafus.



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