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Why Let Kids Have All The Fun? Go #BackToWork!

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back to work funny promoBack-to-school season is always a crazy time, but it seems a little unfair for adults. After all, we go to work every day. No major retailer throws us a big sale. No one takes pictures of us with cute signs! This year, SignUpGenius is turning the tables because adults deserve to have a little fun, too.  We’re introducing Back to Work, a fun campaign that imagines what it would be like if adults got as much hype at work as kids do for Back to School.  Want to participate? Here’s how: 

  1. Share your funny #BackToWork comment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  2. Tag @signupgenius
  3. Hashtag #BacktoWork

 Not sure what to write? Check out these examples below.


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Posted by Barb Hartman on Monday, September 07, 2015 10:01 AM EDT
I just want to say that I love Sign Up Genius! It is like someone took my brain and put it in an organizing tool. The more I learn about it the better it gets! It has everything I need to keep all my coordinating duties in order. Thank you for coming up with this.
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